Monday, October 28, 2013

Talk N Text Unli Call

This is a compilation of TNT unli call promo, the promos listed here are of different amounts, time of call, validity, and much more. 
So, why did I think of this? 
After checking the webmaster tools, I've found out that most TNT subscribers are looking for unli call promos, but no blog can give the right answers to your queries.
tnt champion SIM

Therefore, I conducted a research about the latest and working unli call of Talk N Text.

List of TNT Unlimited Call Promo 2013

UTNT - The best unli call promo of Talk N Text, it also has unli text. For P10 only, you'll get both features.
  • How to register: Just text UTNT to 4445
  • Validity: 1 day
  • For Talk N Text subscribers only.
  • Important note: For Talk N Text champion SIM only, like the picture below.

AP20 4545 - This promo will have not SIM restriction, but only a limited time frame. Anyways, AP20 will not only have unli call, but also unli text for only P20.
  • How to register: Text AP20 and send to 4545
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Note: The unli call can only be used at 10am to 10pm and 12nn to 6pm.
  • How to call: Dial *4747 + 11 numbers of TNT/SMART friends.
ap20 4545 promo

TNT Unli Talk Plus 20 - For P20, you'll have 1 day of unlimited call at a particular time only, almost the same as AP20, also with unlimited text offer.
  • How to register: Text T20 and send to 4547
  • Call time: 10pm to 5 am
  • Validity: 1 day
  • How to call: Dial *4547 + 11 numbers of SMART or TNT subscriber.
t20 4547 tnt

T100 - 5 days unlimited call to Talk N Text and SMART subscribers, this promo has also a particular time frame which you are allowed to call.
  • How to register: Type T100 to 4547 via SMS
  • Validity: 5 days
  • Amount: P100
  • How to call: Dial *4547 + 11 digit of TNT/SMART numbers.

UnliTalk20 - Avail 1 day unlimited call to SMART/TNT without any time requirements, but only limited to few Talk N Text partners.
  • How to register: Simply text UTALK20 and send to 4545
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: P20
  • How to call: just call the number directly, no particular prefix needed.
  • Note: Only available for 6 TNT or Smart subscribers.
unli call talk n text
These list are the most used and most affordable promo as of now. Will update this post when a new unli call promo is announced by Talk N Text.


  1. Thanks! It help to me. I do hope this UTALK20 is okay.

    1. try to use GU15 send to 3545.. if applicable in your area..

      -BOC (Central Luzon Consolidator)

  2. bkit d nmn pd itawag ang tnt AP20 sa SMaRT?! ano ba yan!

    1. you can call at SMART and TNT user, but at only given time... read subscribers' manual for you to know what promo you are availing for

  3. wala naba ang KATOK10 or KATOK15?

    1. As of now, meron na ulit KATOK10, gumagamit din ako minsan nun...

  4. Panu ung Talk N Text champion SIM? Nabibili ba yan or kelangan mo lang iregister ung sim mu?

    1. you may buy champion sim at only selected area like Zambales, San Fernando Pampanga, Tarlac, Bulacan etc... For only 20 pesos...

  5. ung AP20 hindi makatawag sa smart ang daya ah nakalagay pwede sa smart at TNT taz nung tumawag ako sa smart nagtxtTNT lng daw pwede tawagan anu ba yan!!!!!

  6. and daya talaga dpat d na cla nagpopost ng ganun d naman pala totoo ung AP 20 huh

  7. Yung AP20 for tnt lang talaga call nya :)

  8. npaka panget andaya nman neto.ansv s AP20 10am-10pm..... nung ngregister aku ang nkalagay na 10pm-10am anu nman matatawagan ku ng 10pm!!!!....i thought 10am kc un ung nakalagay d2!!!!

  9. gumagana pa po ba ung UTNT ?